We are using a state of the art acoustical testing Mobile Unit specifically designed  for the Industrial remote location. With a noise reducing exterior shell and sound
proofing material lining the inside, this unit is made for ultimate hearing testing. Inside of this sound proof exterior lined room sits 2 state of-the-art audiological
sound reduction testing booths. These booths further bring the decibel levels down with their 3 inch sound reducing walls and vibration dampening floors. They
also use quiet ventilation technology to reduce ambient noise pollution. We use the latest in  hearing testing technology equipment and software. Our testing room
has a "constant" ambient noise identifier which interrupts the testing process if noise levels rise above set testing parameters. We also use state of-the-art
wireless acoustical testing meters that are calibrated Daily. This eliminates the static noise older "wired" meters would have. Our unit can currently conduct 12
individual tests per hr / 100 tests per day. We offer many different options for the customer to keep costs down by offering 1/2 and 3/4 Day rates also. All
technicians are Nationally certified and have achieved certification through "CAOHC" Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation. Not all testing
is created equal. Our competitors might offer on-site testing but do they follow the regulations and certify every location for proper noise level testing. We certify
every testing location to be below OSHA Testing standards before testing is conducted. All customers get a detailed color graph and block style results for easy
review of employees tests. We also offer the option to the customer to receive all documentation in electronic form for easier filing and searching.
Providing Qualitative Fit Testing for our clients' employees. This testing is first properly performed and demonstrated by the tester so employee knows how to
properly fit and seal check mask for proper fit. Then employee is properly fitted and checked for proper seal and size. Once proper size is determined, employee is
put through verbal testing while testing agent is applied as per OSHA respiratory protection regulations.
As a Active Member of the PEC Premiere Training network we are a provider of  PEC / SafeGulf, and SafeLand accredited training courses. These courses provide
the worker with the essential basic training needed to work in the Offshore Oil and Gas environment. Training is offered at clients location for no extra charge. All
training materials are provided and class is taught with the instructor led Power Point presentation. Individual Company and industry specific policies and rules can
be incorporated into class at no additional charge.
As a Member of the MEDIC FIRST AID/CPR International Training network we provide CPR and First Aid training to the employees of various fields from Oil and Gas to
Police and Fire Fighters. This training includes the latest innovations and training protocols in the Medical First Responder field.
We use the most up to date Equipment and Software available in the industry for the best and quickest results possible.  We provide every employee with the OSHA
"Appendix C to 1910.134: OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire" prior to being evaluated for Respirator Usage. All techs have achieved certification
through NIOSH as Pulmonary Function Technicians. This allows our techs to coach and review with employees proper technique to achieve the best effort possible.
All results are reviewed by a Licensed Physician prior to being submitted back to customer.