Imperials' K-9's and Handlers are trained and certified to the same stringent standards that our Law Enforcement and US Customs Agents and
K-9's are trained. Our teams are current or former officers, that go out on behalf of the customer to detect and maintain a presence in the
workplace that drugs/explosives will not be tolerated.  We use a passive detection method so there is not the worry of damage to materials or
equipment for our clients. All handlers are trained in the recognition of Narcotic making components and all K-9's are certified in 5 different
categories of narcotics and their derivative components.  We specialize in the detection of Narcotics/Explosives in the Oil and Gas Industry and
Facility site searches.  Our K-9's and handlers have achieved certification through the "NPCA" National Police Canine Association and the
"NNDDA" National Narcotic Detector Dog Association.
Our Dog Training and Patrol Page is under construction Please check back in the future for updates.
We provide Department of Transportation Drug screening services and collections. Services range from Pre-employment to Post-accident
screenings. We service all facet's of the DOT to include FAA, FMCSA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA, USCG. All collectors are Nationally certified by protocols
set forth in TITLE 49 Part 40 Subpart C 40.33 Regulations. All Labs used for testing are Nationally Certified through SAMSHA and maintain the
strictest guidelines for collection and testing procedures.
Alcohol has contributed to some of the worlds most devastating environmental disasters. It is the most socially accepted drug of this century.
Alcohol use is not authorized in DOT Safety Sensitive Positions and compliance is of the utmost importance. With Millions of dollars of equipment
and the potential loss of Life, Your Company just can't afford to take that kind of chance.  As a Certified collection Facility we provide "EBAT"
Evidential Breath Alcohol testing using "NHTSA" and DOT approved alcohol meters and standards. All digital meters allow more accurate testing to
be conducted with minimal down time between tests. We provide services to local law enforcement for DWI enforcement testing. We also provide
EBAT screenings on-site for the Oil, Gas, and Transportation Industries. All positive results are confirmed for validity instantly and documented
instantly by the machines digital printout. This process makes chain-of-custody documentation faster and more accurate.
Drug use in the workplace has increased over past decades. The Drug-Free Work Place Act of 1988 requires company's to test employees for
and maintain a drug free working environment. With Fines increasing and the impact it has on your bottom line you just can't afford not to know.
We offer our customers the choice of 5 or 9 Drug Panel "Quik" instant screenings. This method gives the customer an instant result for the
detection of narcotics. The customer can then make a better informed decision into the hiring process or medical course of action for the
employee. All positive results are sent to Lab for confirmation and MRO review.
We are one of only a few clinics in the nation to be able to offer and test for Synthetic Cannabinoids also known as "MoJo, Spice, K-2, K-3", and
Synthetic Stimulants also known as Ivory Wave, and other Bath Salts.